Sin, and it’s Enjoyment!

Sin, and it’s Enjoyment!

Why do people Sin? The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament
is quite clear on this subject. People enjoy SIN! Sin, is clearly defined within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. Is Sin realized by a person who has never read the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament? Or, have never read the commands and, or, teachings given by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists? Yes, a…

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Levi’s Birthday

March 28, 2014 Happy BirthDay Levi !! Love Always Granpa and Granma Oetker

Three Armed People

Three-Armed Peoples of the High Mountains May I have you stop and listen to a story? May you pause and listen to a tale of long ago, for it is a story not known to all men. Only the high dwellers have heard, and yet, there are only a few that actually have seen the Three-Armed People. May I have your attention? And now are you interested in my saying? Have I stirred within you a wish to know?…

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Norman and Selma Oetker Protestant Christian Missionaries March 2014 Saint Charles Missouri, US.